Skin Disorders

IDS CurLux (LPL):

CurLux is a LED based therapy device that can treat various skin disorders. 4 build in wavelengths (415nm, 585nm, 630nm and 830nm. Ex. of treatments: Pain release, acne therapy, stimulating o nerve and lymphatic system, skin tissue regeneration and much more.
On the touch screen you easily choose the right treatment. 

Acne       Pain release     Fine wrinkles

MULTILITE trans.png


MULTILITE er en photo dynamic LED therapy PDT lamp offering 3 wavelengths 415nm, 585nm and 635nm. archiving several advantages in. acne, atopic dermatitis and eczema treatments.
Via a very user friendly interlace you easily choose the correct treatment
The treat area is very big and covers easily the entire face


GME ExSys 308

ExSys 308 is a 308 nm. EPL Excimer laser developed for Psoriasis, vitiligo, atopisk dermatitis, aropecia areata, Lichen planus samt mycosis fungoides treatments. This is one of the few lasers with 308 nm. wavelength
50mw and100mw. versions are available


IDS Shiny:

IIDS Shiny is developed further from the traditional IPL technology. A patented fractional filter hand piece, that ensures minimal risk of burnings allows you to exploit the energy from the Xenon lamp much more effective, due to the special developed grid on the direct cooled crystal. The hand piece can switch between 3 different wavelengths, making you easily change the wavelength depending on the treatment. The machine will be delivered with 1 or 2 hand pieces depending on your choice.. Up to 6 wavelengths can be obtained with two hand pieces.
Ex. of treatments: Pigment disorders, telangiectasia, flushing, rosacea, wrinkles, acne, pore reducing and much more


IDS Q-10:

Q-10 is a very powerful Q-switched Nd:yag laser, perfect for tattoo removal as well as other pigment related treatments such as: liver spots, Cafe au Lait spots, freckles, carbon peeling etc.
Our standard edition has 4 wavelenghts: 532nm. - 585nm - 650nm and 1064 nm. making it possible to remove ALL colours of tattoo's and has further more a speciel Genesis function which can reach up to 143,3 J/cm2/1064nm

A laser were the price/quality comparison can't be found at other vendors at all!!

Can be delivered in different configurations, contact us for more information


MedArt VariMed:

MedArt VariMed is a solid State (Diode) hair removal laser operating with810 nm. Beside the pulsed mode the laser is able to work with CW which increases the treatment possibilities. In pulsed mode it can deliver 200J /cm2. Vascular treatments as well as many other


Pico Second Laser System – Pico Premium



  • Stable Operation

  • Convenient to Treat with Smart Protocols

  • Low risk of side Effect

  • Fast Treatment

Super ultra short pulsed width

  • Picosecond Nd:YAG Laser(1064nm&532nm + 595nm, 660nm HP+ Fractional HP)
    with super ultra short pulse width


DEKA PICO smart:



The new Picosecond laser system is highly effective in removing the smallest pigment particles both in skin pigmentation and tattoos, even the deepest ones, for the best outcomes ever.

A wide range of handpieces ensures that SmartPico optimize the treatment through different profiles (round, square and fractional shapes) to adapt to tattoos, pigmented lesions and skin discoloration.


High lights:

  • Toning

  • Melasma

  • Acne scars

  • Benign pigmented lesions

  • Lentigo solaris

  • Multi color tattoo removal

  • Removal of residual ghost pigments


DEKA again

Unmatched Performance for Hair Removal & most of Aesthetic Applications

AGAIN represents the fast and high power laser platform for hair removal treatments with a wide range of applications in Aesthetic Medicine for professionals.

High lights:


  • 2-in-1 solution:
    Ultra powerful and fastest Alex + Unrivalled Nd:YAG


  • Moveo Technology:
    The exclusive DEKA technology that drastically reduces the reflection of energy by the skin.
    Today available for Hair Removal (Moveo HR), Pigmented Lesion (Moveo PL) and Skin Rejuvenation (Moveo SR – coming soon).


  • What The Market Needs:
    Very flexible dual-wavelength system for reliable, cost effective and fast treatments.


DEKA Studio

Deka Studio: Q-switched Nd:yag laser.

Studio is a powerfull Q-switched Nd:yag laser that meets all the demands for tattoo removal, pigmented lesions, acne, scar removal, Melasma,Nevus of Ota, Café au Lait, PIH, Wrinkles, Seborrheic Keratos, Age Spot, Solar /Simplex Lentigo, Tattoo, Blue ABNOM, Carbon Peel by removing dead skin cells with carbon cream. Large Pores, Acne, Skin Whitening. Just to mention some!

Brochure still to come!