Pico Second Laser System – IDS Pico Premium




  • Stable Operation

  • Convenient to Treat with Smart Protocols

  • Low risk of side Effect

  • Fast Treatment

Super ultra short pulsed width

  • Picosecond Nd:YAG Laser(1064nm&532nm + 595nm, 660nm HP+ Fractional HP)
    with super ultra short pulse width

The Real  PICO

  • Thanks to higher peak power, PICO Premium can treat all kinds of tattos and pigment lesions more faster and easier.

Low risk of side effect.

  • Less thermal effect on the treated area makes the best result of treatment with low risk of side effect.

  • Pico Premium has the shortest pulse width of 350 ps.


: Tattoo, Wrinkle, Acne, Nevus of ota, Blue nevus, Speckled nevus, Lentigo,
Cafe au lait, Hyperpigmentation, Freckle, Melasma and so on.

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