Hair removal
IDS HRZ-6000:

DS HRZ-6000 is a solid state (Diode) hair removal laser operating with 808 nm. The max. effect is 60J/cm2. Easy to use user interface making you quickly choose your favourite settings and type of procedure..
The unit can also perform vascular treatments on skin type I and LL
The hand piece has a treatment area on 11X15 mm. and are active cooled. This means that the laser crystal is directly cooled and ensures maximum cooling directly where the treated area is, preventing unnecessary dameges on the skin.. The crystal can be cooled down to -5o resulting in much less pain


MedArt VariMed


MedArt VariMed is a solid State (Diode) hair removal laser operating with810 nm. Beside the pulsed mode the laser is able to work with CW which increases the treatment possibilities. In pulsed mode it can deliver 200J /cm2. Vascular treatments as well as many other indication can be made with this laser. Integrated cooling through the sapphire windows, ensures a correct skin cooling.

LINSCAN trans.png


GME LINSCAN is a new type of hair removal laser with a scan area of 2.5 cm2 and a very sophisticated hand piece
The laser is also able to treat vascular disorders and onychomycosis. Wavelength is 808 nm. and has a very easy user interface


GME TWINSCAN, a diode laser were 2 hand pieces can be connected at the same time, you can choose if you want 2 hand pieces on 2.5 cm2 or 7.5 cm2 . Maybe you want 2 wave lengths, the choice is yours! Not many lasers offers 2 hand pieces connected at the same time.
Treatment of vascular disorders is also possible as well as onychomycosis. It has a very friendle interface. 808 nm. and / or 755 nm. can be connected.

TWINSCAN trans.png
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IDS Shiny

IDS Shiny is developed further from the traditional IPL technology. A patented fractional filter hand piece, that ensures minimal risk of burnings allows you to exploit the energy from the Xenon lamp much more effective, due to the special developed grid on the direct cooled crystal. The hand piece can switch between 3 different wavelengths, making you easily change the wavelength depending on the treatment. The machine will be delivered with 1 or 2 hand pieces depending on your choice.. Up to 6 wavelengths can be obtained with two hand pieces..