Fat Reduction

Classys Clatuu Alpha:

Clatuu α is a new fat freezing device replacing the old Clatuu. It's equipped with 2 360o applicators working simultaneously.

Standard applicators for stomach and face and can be extended with other types of applicators for other regions of the body, ie thighs ,under arms , buttocks , underchin. basiclly anywhere there is excessive fat.

This type of treatment becomes more and more well known and Classys offers this unit for a very competitive price.



Classys Szicer

Scizer is a HiFu based unit delivering macro focused ultra sound directly in to the fatty deposits in the subcutaneous tissue while cooling at the same time. The method is very secure and gains more and more popular around the clinis




Health & Beauty Care System



Four different sizes handpieces optional, easy treatment for whole body.
Four handpieces working simultaneously, save staff cost, save treatment time.
Unique double chin treatment handpiece, lead the latest technology in the world.
Super strong cooling system, ensure the minimum treatment temperature reduce to -15→5℃.
Non-surgery, no risk, easily intelligentize and humanization operation.
No need recovery, no downtime, come back to work immediately.
Variety accessories for multi-functional treatment
Luxury design
Easy operation for all program


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