IDS AirCool

AirCool is a highly effective skin cooler specially developed for all kind of laser treatments. The risk of skin damages and burnings are reduced significantly by using an external cooler. This counts for laser devices who doesn't have build in cooling or has insufficient capacity. The use of pre- post- and after cooling is highly recommended compared to the pain experience the patient have but also the damages on the skin as well as the skin rejuvenation.
The computer controlled AirCool monitots constantly the air temperature and air flow and can cool the air down to 0o Celsius !

Air cooling system.jpg
MedArt 525 skincooler.jpg

MedArt Skin cooler 525:

Normally this device is not sold without laser, But this skin cooler is so effective and can be a good alternative to a non effective build in cooling system in the laser. The cooler is delivered with a special developed